Don’t understand life


have neverending problems/trobles since wondering if prayers work.most of my prayers hav not bin answered. there is no bonding/love betweem my parents+siblings+me.had a harsh/tortured/loveless upbringing.Me/my siblingsRspiritual orphans our parents hav disproportionate care/love for other fam members than their kids HOW?!.i hate them this has had knok on effect on me as a parent.i hate myself+hav deep anger with most people.cant relate2people.will history repeat itself me/my kidsRmureed ive so much crap in me.No love selfesteem/fear/anxiety wen will it end.want a sweet/peaceful/lovefilled life4me/my parents/siblings hav no love/cares/feels/supports each other.have trouble with inlaws ive had enough for such long time/hav no willpower to do anything productive.can kanesiology/eneagram help as way of understanding myself. people behave badly towards me/my kids is it a reflection/reaction to my insecurities kanesiologist i being punished why will not the fear/axiety/anger go is there any alternative therapy you can suggest please.


Please view The Sufi Science of Self-Realization Series by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani and take advice, insha-Allah.


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