Making A Choice


Oh Sheikhs, we ask your advise and wisdom as we have come to a crosspath. I am currently working for a company which assists people to get Halal certification. I enjoy myself very much there as I not only get to work for the community but I also get to learn, as my colleagues are learned people .
I am also contemplating continuing my studies, as a diploma is no longer enough hence I am thinking of continuing my studies to pave a better future for myself.
The crossroads which I am at is in three parts:
1) Should I leave work and continue studies?
2) If I leave work, should I continue my education into Islamic or Secular studies?
3) What Course of Study/Kuliyya should I embark in?
I hence am asking your advice from the Divinely Wisdom which Allah has grated to you via Sayyida Rasul. Madad.


`Alaykum Salam,

What you have described of your work shows that it brings all the benefits of what people study to get jobs for. Therefore, it is better not to leave it but continue working unless it becomes no longer possible. In the latter case you can return to study and choose whatever you most incline to.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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