Blind belief


Can one have blind belief in Allah SWT meaning that they can not prove it rationally or logically, if so please provide references?


Proving one’s belief rationally or logically is a contradiction, as belief is by definition in what lies beyond the probative power of reason and logic. However, if you mean by “blind belief” ignorance of its proofs – or most of its proofs – in the Shari`ah, then that is the position of the “general public” (`awamm) of the Muslims and belief is not harmed by it, although it is probably incomplete or weak and definitely more vulnerable than the belief of the `alim. Hence Allah Most High orders us to seek strong and discerning faith with the command “Know / Learn / Understand / Realize that there is no God except ALLAH”.  Similarly the responsibility of the `alim is greater and his sin weightier. May Allah forgive all and guide all.

Hajj Gibril

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