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Salam Alaikum wrwb.
I have been in tariqa for the last 10 years. While I absolutely love my shaykh and love our ways, I still have confusion about many things. It seems to me like many of the things we believe in can’t be found in the Quran or strong hadith. For example the roles of Qutbs, Ghawth, Awtad, Nuqaba and Nujaba and the tremendous power and responsibility they are described to have. Such power is not even ascribed to any prophets. We also believe that our Shaykh is with us in every breath, comes to test us at least three times a day, can foresee/change our destiny, will answer questions for us in the grave etc. While I believe in my shaykh, I still struggle with many of these assertions. What are they based on? Why were the prophets not said to have these powers?
May Allah bless you!


Alaykum Salam,

Allah knows best about our claims of love and followership but we can address the issues you brought up in sha Allah.

Regarding changing our destiny: it is not in the hand of any creature; only Allah Most High does that as He pleases (see for example Qur’an 28:56).

Regarding the rank of Awliya in relation to Prophets: Imam al-Tahawi stated in his `Aqida “We do not prefer any of the Friends of Allah [awliya’] over any of the Prophets, rather we say that one prophet is better than all the awliya together.”

Regarding the questioning in the grave:

As for the rest there is more than enough reading available:
20 hadiths listed here:

“whether the Qutb was the same as the Ghawth, and about the Awtad, the Abdal, and other men of God.”–-on-wilaya-imam-abdullah-al-haddad/

“Who are the Qutubs and Abdaals?  Could you please give some detail view from the Ahl Sunnah point of view.”

“Who is commonly considered the qutb in this day and age by the righteous `ulama‘? Or are there aqtab?”

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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