Saint(Bazurg) Jinns coming upon individuals


Asalamualikum, I have relatives they claim for several years that Jinns come on a couple of individuals within their family. Daughter says that a Jinn comes upon her who is a saint in Jin Kingdom. She says she got this ability from her father.I have seen this once,she does wudu,sits down in quiet place & calls on the Jinn by reading something.Then Jin comes into her & talks in her voice to the other person/s.The father also did the same thing & he claimed that Jins that came upon him were bazurg Jins and the family of these Jins go back to Jins that brought Iman on Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The father was a pious person, read namaaz,read durood sharif a lot, he has also gone to Baghdad to visit the mazars of Aulias there. They don’t do any business with this Jin thing. Please advise correct path?


Alaykum as-Salam,

These individuals are in delusion and heading for danger. As for saying that “Jins brought Iman on Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him” it is blasphemy of the Qur’an and unbelief. Allah is our refuge from such ideas.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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