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Kufr in movies/music

I know that intentionally playing blasphemous lyrics is kufr. What if a person is watching a video/movie and someone says something blasphemous in the video? Does the person watching the video blaspheme? Or is he still a Muslim? Continue reading

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What are the responsibilities of a Muslim on the blasphemy of our Prophet(s)?
Currently… produce their hatred (film) towards Muslim and Islam. Continue reading

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Punishment of Shaatim

Is the punishment of Shaatim e Rasul (the one who commits blasphemy regarding… Continue reading

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Saint(Bazurg) Jinns coming upon individuals

I have relatives they claim for several years that Jinns come on a couple of individuals within their family. Daughter says that a Jinn comes upon her who is a saint in Jin Kingdom.She says she got this ability from her father… Continue reading

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