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Shirk/Kufr in Multimedia/Video Games

Is there any prohibition, or does it become your responsibility for playing a video game where your character bows down before a so called God? Continue reading

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Acting as Prophets

The sheikh in Imam Suhaib Webb’s website claims that there is a difference of opinion about whether people can act as any of the Prophets in movies (whether the Holy Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, or other Prophets). Continue reading

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Kufr in movies/music

I know that intentionally playing blasphemous lyrics is kufr. What if a person is watching a video/movie and someone says something blasphemous in the video? Does the person watching the video blaspheme? Or is he still a Muslim? Continue reading

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Pictures and movies

I wish to know about the permissibility of issuing pictures and movies related to the life of Sahabahs and prophets…. Continue reading

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Dream: zombie

Ive had a few dreams of my brother recently, whos not religious. Im talking about tariqa in all of them and he is interested. In one, after we were talking, we watched a film. There was a girl lying down and every few seconds she’d say “its wonderful” Continue reading

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