The existence of saints in non-Islamic religions


Assalamau Alaikum esteemed Shaykhs:

A brother postulated that the existence of saints in other faith traditions proves the validity of other religions. How should we understand the existence of such great personalities in other faith traditions? His view seems to be that if these paths were truly abrogated by Islam then it would be impossible for them to bear fruit and non-Muslims would not be able to derive spiritual benefit from them. Hence, other faith traditions must be equally valid and acceptable in the sight of Allah, Most Pure. Does the existence of saintly personalities in other faith traditions disprove the abrogation of the earlier revelations? If not, then what is the best way to understand their existence?

Jazak Allah khair for answering these questions.


wa `alaykum salam!

I can’t go beyond the words of my Shaykh (Allah ta`ala blesses him), who, when someone asked him a similar question years ago, replied, “For someone to be a saint (not an ordinary kindly or pious person – but a ‘wali‘ – a knower of Heavenly Realities), he must know the ‘Reality of Muhammad’ (peace be upon him)”.  More than that, I can’t delve into here.  And Allah ta`ala knows best.

Abdul Haqq

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