Using Muslim jin to fight witchcraft
using muslim jin to fight witchcraft


I have read some where which said al-Imam Shafie said its “be necessary to or in my language harus” to use the service of Muslim jins to fight witchcraft. While other mazhab didn’t put it “be necessary to”. I want to know the authentication of this fatwa. Sometimes people had no choice but to get the service of people who use jins to cure sa7er when things are getting worst. Like me..we have ustadhs and some people who use jins to help us fighting sa7er that were done by a witch near my house. We don’t mean to use the jins but the help just came from people when it was really worst. One time… When she made my mom to have incurable skin disease some people recommend a person and we use his service to cure our mother and its gone. Is it shirk ?


Learning sihr to repel its harm is permissible for pious ulema but not necessary; otherwise it is one of the kaba’ir (enormous sins) and absolutely haram, and that is its status in most cases. The strongest remedy against sihr is not sihr but taqwa and `ibada, which is more powerful than all of that and has guarantees from Allah Most High, whereas sihr never does.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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