Dream: Dreaming about the animal kingdom


I heard Mawlana Shaykh Hisham HafidhAllahu’s voice reciting the most beautiful, rhythmic dhikr. During this enchanting dhikr, scenes like a camera reel passed in front of my eyes, scenes of beautiful animals grazing peacefully on God’s lush green earth. Scene after scene of groups of beautiful animals. Since this dream I have been desperately trying to recall this most pleasing melodic dhikr, wishing to hear it again maybe even to recite it …SubhanAllah.

A few years ago I started studying and admiring birds. I thought of what Mawlana would have to say about this pursuit. That night I dreamt that I saw a bird flying overhead and when I looked as it flew the wings moved in such a way that they spelt Allah in Arabic.

Shukrlillah walhamdulillah for being blessed with the presence of the ahlul bayt. Allahumma Salle ala Muhammadinw wa ala aale Muhammad.


Walaikum Assalam,

Allah said in His Holy book: “Verily  the only purpose for creating man, is for man to worship Allah”. Mawlana is showing you in the dream, that through the recitation of the dhikr, everything will be in harmony, peace and beauty”. And when the seeker’s eyes are open, all things in creation will be seen as signs of our Lord’s Greatness.

Ali Elsayed

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