Dream: Fear for a baby boy falling down

Dream: My mother had a dream that 2nd son is born to my father’s friend. My mother sees him and says he is fairer than the first one. Someone puts him in her lap she was holding him at a high place. The kid wanted to look down. She was afraid for him falling down. He tried so hard to look down that my mother could took hold of his shirt only. She was very much worried. Then she was in the same father’s friend’s house. There was a very beautiful dressing table and a showcase. She thought same kind of case and table are required in her house. There were 10-12 Kohl pots placed nicely in the dressing table. She thought at the most 2 are enough who is so much fond of collecting the Kohl pots….


Wa alaykum as-salaam!

As always, we start with seeking refuge with Allah ta`ala from the evil whisperings of Shaytan the cursed, and to make it far away from us. Beginning this, and every action, insha-Allah, with Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem, followed by Salaat and Salaam `ala Rasu’Llah, and humbly asking support from my Shaykh, let’s try to understand a little of what may be in this dream.

The Shaykh al Akbar, Muyhiddin Ibn al-Arabi, may Allah ta`ala sanctify his Holy secret, wrote something about dreaming that may be useful here, insha-Allah. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, Allah ta`ala grant him long life and raise him higher and higher, said that anything Shaykh Muyhiddin (q) wrote in his books must be true, one-hundred percent! Mentioning his honored name brings blessings and lights, insha-Allah, to our otherwise very weak doings, and may give us an understanding we may use to guide our steps. He said, Allah ta`ala bless him, that when we dream, what we are seeing is from ourselves, mostly! Our dreams, therefore, even if they involve other people, are mostly signs about what is going on in our spiritual, or inner lives.

Holy Qura’n warns us, or cautions us, not to look at what Allah ta`ala has granted to those around us. What we see as richness or favors that have been given to others may, in fact, be a trial for them that we are unaware of. We have been advised to look at ourselves and what we have been granted, and to be thankful and praiseful and patient. You and I and all of us have been advised, or more than advised, to turn to our Lord and ask forgiveness again and again.

Envy is only allowed for one thing – to envy the righteous and pious for their good practicings, and to try our best to do as they do! Every moment, as long as we are alive, we must choose. Therefore the fair child and the kohl pots can be looked at from two sides; either we can envy the other for what he has, or we can try to improve ourselves. Kohl is for ornamenting and for healing, and twelve pots may represent the twelve months of the year. How are we going to use those twelve months? That is the question for all of us! We may use the precious time and favors that are contained within those twelve months to ornament our spiritual beings with worshiping and other good works, and to heal ourselves and help others with every kind of charity and aid, or we may fill our time consumed with jealousy and all its bad ‘cousins’ envy, hatred, pride, stinginess, revenge, greed, anger, and all the rest.

I am advising first of all myself, and then whoever wants to listen to choose well! Mawlana Shaykh, Allah ta`ala grants him long life to see Mahdi (peace be upon him), said to always ask more Heavenly help and support in order to practice obedient servanthood. No one can do it except whom Allah ta`ala helps and makes their way easy. And Allah ta`ala knows better and best, “wa min Allahi at-tawfiq”!

Abdul Haqq

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