Dream: Fire


Assalamualaikum, I dreamt that Maulana predicted that a fire will break out at this house flats (I’m staying in one of the house) . The prediction came true. I shouted to people to run for safety. Fire broke out at left side and took over half of the building. When I saw fire I quickly took some my books/notes to safety… I’m staying on right side. . .Then I took water hose to put out the fire to stop it from spreading. Then I said there’s no way this water can stop the fire. So I put water hose down. I said The only way is to use Arabic alphabets alif, ba,etc Allah creates the world by secrets of these alphabets… . and using my fingers I started to point at fire and move my finger according to alphabets. Dream ended.


`Alaykum as-Salam,

Fire stands for fitna and you were protected by your faith and your knowledge through Mawlana’s guidance. Water here stands for the guidance of Tariqah which the victims of fitna are rejecting, hence it is of no use to them. Then the letters stand for (i) Takbir which is what extinguishes real fires and (ii) belief in Qadar and submission to His written Decree, and Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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