Dream: Hajj


salaam. My mother had a dream that me, my mother and my 4 year old son go to hajj and are heading to climb ghare hira and my mother says to me it will be difficult to climb to the top with my son but we’ll try to go as far as we can. Me and my husband have the intentions to do hajj this year for the first time inshAllah. And we are intending to leave my son with his grandma. My mother also had a dream before she went to hajj last year that she was in Madina and she would not come back from there until she could bring Madina home with her. She found it that beautiful, she didn’t want to go without taking it with her. Could you please tell us the meaning of the dreams and pray me and my husband inshAllah go this year. salaam


wa `alaykum salam!

After asking refuge with Allah ta`ala from Shaytan and its doings and its assistants, and beginning with “Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem, wa salatu wa salam `ala Rasulullah“, and with the permission and support of my Shaykh, Allah ta`ala raise him higher and higher, I will try, insha-Allah to say something about your mother’s dreams.  Perhaps the simplest explanation is that your mother, like all mothers, is worried for the upbringing of her children.  Will all her efforts – and her daughter’s – be enough to ensure that the new generation will reach success and safety in this world and, more importantly, in the hereafter?  And, can parents – especially the mothers – find time amidst all the difficulties of raising a family, to give enough time and effort for their spiritual lives? Allah ta`ala knows best, but it is well known that patience is itself an `ibadat, an act of worship.  Each of us, as was said in the dream, must try ‘to go as far as we can’, and then trust to Allah ta`ala for the ultimate success.  As for the second dream, Holy Quran says, “w `alamu anna feekum Rasulullah” – “Know that IN YOU, or WITHIN YOU, is the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).  How many of us go to Hajj and for visiting Madina Munawarrah, and return as we were before we left?  We are asking to reach the lights of Prophet (peace be upon him) that the Lord has placed within ourselves, and to perform Hajj as it shoud be – to leave the love of this life as much as we can and fill our hearts with the Love of Allah ta`ala and Rasulullah (peace be upon him), and the love of awliya, so that when we return, those lights remain with us.

This is only possible as a grant from our Lord, “wa min Allahi ‘t-tawfiq”.

Abdul Haqq

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