Dream: JINN mureed


aslam alaykum may Allah bless Shaykh Nazim and his family give them long life and keep them in good health. I had a dream that there was this jungle in France and the biggest tree there had Quran verses carved into it and decorations hanging from the tree. 2 jinns used to live there, father and son. The father was a mureed, I am unaware of which shaykh. The father jinn passed away and the son was left all alone. Some how he got connected with Shaykh Nazim and became a mureed and for 15 years Mowlana looked after him spiritually. So when Mowlana used to do zikr at home in Cypus the jinn would do Allah hu zikr in France, could you believe? Tell me the meaning of this dream jazakullah


`Alaykum salam,
The tree is the shahada and the rest means the same as what you described, and Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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