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Mishandling Islamic electronic files

I have Audio Quran, Islamic PDF and audio files in my laptop and I sometimes place my laptop on the floor and misplace it once I had included so many things in my laptop bag like clothes, sandals etc. May Allah forgive me for this. Continue reading

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Child’s abnormality of growth

Kindly advise which verse of Quran will help my child to have normal growth. She is facing attentive deficit, not speaking, learning or putting efforts to learn, seems to be a… Continue reading

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In Islam

Is it good to write some verses from the Quran… Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Prayer to regain trust and love

I love a person very much. We were in a relationship for a long time. But i did a grave mistake, I went out with some other guy without telling him. Plainly speaking, I cheated on him… Continue reading

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Verses to recite daily.

What is the most appropriate verses from the Al Quran to recite daily for over all well being? Continue reading

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Problem with neighbours

Ive been practicing singing zikr/drumming for a week and suddenly getting loads of abuse over the garden fence from neighbours. Continue reading

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Dream: JINN mureed

I had a dream that there was this jungle in France and the biggest tree there had Quran verses… Continue reading

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Permission to make Ruqya through Fatiha

Today my husband had a strong headache and, to help him, the idea came to me to recite (in silence) two Surat-l Fatiha, and then blow on his forehead… Continue reading

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Blue eye against evil eye?

Q: We were recently gifted a chain with a blue eye, its supposed to repel evil eye. Somewhere i believe i have heard it be referred to as the eye of Fatima r.a. Does this have any real basis in islam? Continue reading

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