Problem with neighbours


Ive been practicing singing zikr/drumming for a week and suddenly getting loads of abuse over the garden fence from neighbours. They did it 2yrs ago when i must have been waking them at fajr (got my car scratched too, could have been them).
i heard that esoterically ‘kill’ means just hurting someone emotionally.
the Quranic verse: kill them wherever you find them for oppression is worse than slaying -does that mean i should stand up top them and try and rip them apart verbally?
plus one Naqshbandi friend says i should stand up to bullies. but i keep reading stories of saints who just ‘took’ it, seeing it from God and not reacting.
what shall i do please?

wa `alaykum salam

You are a fish out of water. Stop what you are doing. Apologise to your neighbour because you have hurt their comfort and feelings – which are the rights of your neighbour. If you want to drum and sing, do so elsewhere. Don’t misquote and misinterpret Qur’anic verses for your benefit – only terrorists do that. You have NO RIGHT to hurt anyone. Should you have any intent of it or end up doing it, we are not responsible for your actions.

Abdul Shakur

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