Dream: lailatul qadr ?


Assalamualaikum yaa Mawlana Syaikh Hisyam khabbani q.s.

in 2009-2010, I ever iktikaf in the month of ramadhan, and one morning at around 1-3 am I was dreaming that I would get sholat sunnah, I was shock because at the mosque there are many people with black clothes and green line color in front so I don’t have space for sholat at that night, and when I went into the basement where we’re slept, I opened the window and saw the moon are very close so that I tremble, immediately I closed the window. I try to open window again and the moon is still there. and then I woke up. yaa Mawlana sheikh Hisham, is it a night of Lailatul Qadr? I am so happy if it a night of lailatul qadr. Yaa Mawlana give me your guidance.

wassalamualaikum wr wb


wa `alaykum salam,

Seeing the moon is a sign of spiritual advancement and defeat of your spiritual enemies. The people in the mosque were awliya sent by Mawlana Shaykh Sultan al-Awliya to support you and your companions.

W ‘Allahu `alam,

Taher Siddiqui

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