Dream: Meeting many people


Assalamualaikum Shaykh

I am with my wife(I am actually unmarried) and we are staying at a posh hotel but we have to share the bathroom with other people. Then I am back in my old school, meeting old friends and teachers. To leave I have to pass a field but there are buildings before the field that are haunted so it’s difficult to leave. There are many animals in the field. I climb a tower with 1 student to avoid the animals. The student is like my protege and he has 2 books to study from, 1 official and 1 unofficial. We see 2 gorillas fighting and they turn into giants which try to look for us. We escape using the giants’ car and I’m taking the boy to meet my wife when I wake up.

Thanks and Sallams


wa `alaykum salam,

There is a struggle within you between your ego (Giant animals) and your soul (your wife). Try to complete your daily religious duties every day, and do dhikr of laa ilaaha ill ‘Llah x100 every day if you have time.

Ali Elsayed

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