Dream: Snake biting


selam to everyone

I’m an English converted Muslim and I’m writing my husband’s dream. I just want to say he doesn’t pray namaz or anything.

His dream is he’s walking somewhere and passes a normal garden/ He sees a heap of animal waste toilet. Then he sees a black snake. It has a chain around its neck. It leaps up and bites the right side of his face and his right index finger. His friend takes him to the hospital because he got poisoned and the right side of his face is numb. The doctor doesn’t have the medicine in the hospital for poison.
Thank you so much


wa `alaykum salam,

The snake represents Shaytan and the heap of  waste is this dunya. Because he has turned away from Allah (since he does not pray), Shaytan has put the poison of the love of this material world in him. There is no cure for such poison unless one repents, and gives Allah His due rights. We pray for him for guidance.

Ali Elsayed

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