Dream: sorry + want balance


1. Would you be able to clarify the dream “Allah hu akbar” to do with governance/numbers mentioned,
2. What is meant by “welcome my carriers”by Shaykh in dream.
3. Male relatives in dream im sat on sofa. One known male relative sitting on arm of sofa ends up accidently I think sits on my hurting knee and I scream with pain (in reality my knee been hurting for a while)

Have too many issues anger fear anxiety lack of energy past fam etc cannot maintain consistency in belief spritual practice life. Many visits to Shaykh feel embarassed and ashamed. I’m Shaykh’s so called mureed linking my name to his, try to get signs from dreams tell me I’m close to Shaykh family, but my reality is mentally physically spiritually imbalanced. I worry for my kids.how to get contentment from all axieties please help thank you


“Welcome my carriers” means you shouldn’t think of yourself of a bad mureed because you are being welcome to the tariqah and Shaykh is welcoming you.¬†Sitting on your knee means that the relative might be draining your income, but he doesn’t know it.
And Allah knows best.

With salams,

Yassir Chadly

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