Dream: Women and statues


Our heartfelt salams to our beloved Shaykh Hisham (qs), Shaykh Adnan (qs), and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs) and Hajjah Naziha and the respected brothers on Eshaykh. The dream,

“My son’s friend’s sister comes to me and tells me that I have heard that there is some very pious man or saint is here and everyone is going to see him. She tells me let’s also go see him. Both of us then we go there and it’s an open space outdoors and there are lots of people sitting in rows. On the other side of the people on a high marble platform a person is sitting in White robes. When we go near him, I say, ‘Oh! This is my son Mohammad!’ And I cover my face quickly because he might get excited and be happy to see me and come rushing towards me. This is all.”


In sha Allah this is a good tiding showing your son’s high spiritual station. Also try to keep good relations with his friend’s sister and family.

Dr. Karim

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