Dream after baya and du’a for my husband


Bismi Allah

My husband doesn’t like Naqshbandi (he is from Palestine). He has a big heart and I love him dearly. Please pray for him. What du’a can I make to soften his heart and bring him to our tariqa? JazakAllah khayr.

I took online baya with Shaykh Nazim last night. Before I went to sleep, I saw smiling eyes of Shaykh Nazim. They were very big, almost filling the ceiling above me. His eyes were green and kind. I saw it for only a few seconds. Then I dreamt of Shaykh Hisham. The world was full of bright strong light. Shaykh Hisham was wearing a green turban, brown clothes, and smiling. He held his arms out and from the sky millions of purple/red rose petals flew into the world. The petals were dancing around Shaykh Hisham, and he was whirling and smiling. Ma’sha’Allah! Thank you so much!


Insha-Allah with patience and tolerance, your husband’s heart will change. As you have seen in the dream, you have great Awliya looking after you and your family.

Allah knows best.

Ali Elsayed

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