Seeking Marriage and Peaceful Home


1) I’m a female married. Almost every Ramadan I remember, I described to Allah the person I would like to marry (personality, character etc)- I finally met the person but things didn’t work out & we parted ways. I’ve been depressed thinking why would Allah bring me so close to what I asked, show me happiness & then take it away. Please advise on a dua I can read to make Allah happy with me if He is indeed angry for some reason and grant me whom I have asked for.
2) My parents keep arguing for useless reasons & I’m fed up of this. Please suggest a dua I can read to stop these arguments.
3) Please advise on a dua I can read to make my younger brother more respectable & polite to my parents, I fear he will not take care of them in old age.
Thank you.


May Allah grant you every good that you ask for and more. Attend the Khatm Khwajagan ( in your area or recite it at home to all those intentions insha-Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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