Trance, to what extent can one focus? or what is wrong and what is okay?


I’ve read hypnotherapy or something is shirk or something on a site I don’t trust. But ever since, I’ve never allowed myself to close my eyes and day dream, nor focus in salat, nor use any internal capabilities. I’ve been unable to study.. because of it.



Allah (swt) mentions qalb (heart), sirr (secret), khafa (hidden), dhat (Essence) and many other references to the deep consciousness and dimensions of humankind. Our holy Prophet (saws) was the most contemplative and meditative of men. In salat you must focus your eyes on the point of Sajdah. But to meditate, contemplate and purify your inner self is essential to succeed in the path of life. Dhikr and meditation can lead to states through which you can experience healing and release of negativity in the self. The study of tasawwuf or tazkiyyatul nafs under an expert teacher will open further understanding.

Wallahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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