Wearing saffron, red and orange clothes


salam alikum shaykh…..I have got a three hadees regarding wearing a cloths colour of saffron, red,orange. Which are not been use as per prophet sallahu alahiwasallam hadees...But I have got different answers when I search ur page…please clear my doubts.




Alaykum Salam,

Many authentic hadiths from several Companions state the Prophet (s) wore red, even on the day of `Eid. The color red refers to anything ranging from yellow to orange to red. It was forbidden only due to resemblance to non-Muslims, not because of the color itself. All the Sunni schools concur that these colors are NOT haram but makruh because of the above reason, which disappears when no resemblance ensues. In the Shafii school none of these colors is even makruh. The only ones to claim these colors are haram are the Zahiri school and Ibn al-Qayyim.

Hajj Gibril

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