Reading Quran without tahaarat


Assalam u alayekum!
Can a person who is in need of ghusl touch Holy Quran without ghusl ? (I heard a person saying that the verse “la yamassuhu illa’l mutahharuun” is about the Holy Quran that is written on Preserved Tablet and that any Muslim or non-Muslim can touch Holy Quran as the verses perceeding to this verse also point to the Preserved Tablet). And can a person who is in need of ghusl read Tafsir or Quran or slawat from an e-book ?


wa `alaykum salam,

Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem,

The position of the four Sunni schools of fiqh is that it is haram to touch the Quran without wudu. It is permissible for a person without wudu to read the Quran without touching it. However, if he is in need of ghusl (janabah), it is not permissible for him to read the Quran. As for salawat, it is permissible to recite it even if one is in need of ghusl although it is not recommended. It is best to be in state of purity when reciting Quran, Hadith, salawat, dhikr etc. to show good adab to Allah and His Prophet (s).

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Allah knows best.

Muhammad Razib

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