Prayer Request: To progress further without any Obstacles


I feel like someone is slowing me down with everything I do, especally my work and business and general life. Can you give me something to read so that no one can put any Obstacles or try and slow me down. I have been unemployed now for nearly 5 years and I have registered my company in clothing but I have not done anything other then register it and make a few sales in the first year. I was told before someone found out and is Jealous. PLEASE CAN YOU GIVE ME PROTECTION so I can earn a living go on Hajj, help my family financially and get married. I manage to do everyone’s jobs but when it comes to myself I cannot do it. Why?


`Alaykum salam,

Distribute qurban to the poor and recite hasbiyAllah wa ni`ma al-Wakeel and Ya Razzaq 100 times everyday. Insha-Allah it will improve.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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