Guidance to the Straight Path

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa bara katu.

May Allah subhantallaha bless you and your family, me and all the Muslims of the world and those that have passed.

I have looked/read many books on Islam and find myself very confused, as I have seen arguments and counter arguments for various sects groups etc. I am not a good Muslim by any means and have not led my life the way a Muslim should and except my wrongs and short comings. But I sincerely love Allah, his deen and the beloved Rasool sallalahi wasallam, his family his companions and the pious people of Allah. I prayer that Allah uses me for his deen in this world.

My brother I have numerous questions on deen, but when I ask them from various people/scholors , I get different answers opinions with evidences from all sides.
Over the last few months after having  read information and literature about Sheikh  Nazim Al Haqani, I have been intrigued to learn more about the sheikh as his spiritual look and aura seems to attract me to him, though in the past I have always steered away from the Sufi way.  Learning through books and getting information from various scholars has not left me fully content as l here arguments and proofs from all directions. I just do not know what to do.  This may sound strange brother but I would like help from Allah subhanatallah to show me the true path.

Is their any thing I could read, wazeefa any particular prays where Allah will guide me to the light of the true path. Is it possible for a bad person like me to be shown the true path, in my dream or by any other means. I would love more than anything else but to see the blessed sight of the holy prophet Muhammed sallallahu allahi wa sallam in my dream, so that I may be satisfied about the path I need to follow.

I would love also to meet Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani, just to visually see him, I find a strange attraction indeed.  Please pray that I can stay away from bad sins brother. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your brother in Islam (and in need of spiritual guidance)


Shaykh Hisham sends his salaams.

He says recite: Ya Sayyid, ya Sahib, ya Rasool, ya Allah 100 times a day and that will open for you the way to the spiritual path you are seeking.


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