Jumping in hadrah


As salamu alaikum Shaykh,

Even if we do not celebrate The New Year 2019 Calendar, I wish you this year starting today will bring us more good and happyness.

I have a small question about the hadrah feet work/movement. Do you suppose to jump at any time during the hadrah, actually both feet leaving the floor? Or you start by trying to stand on the front end of the feet, while the legs and torso move up straight, both arms swinging to the front and up and inhaling the air.

Then bend the knees, both feet flat on the floor, lower the torso slightly move forward and stand on the back of the feet, arms swing backward and exhale. And so on. So no jumping, only the body seems move up and down.

From the physical health point of view, the move without jumping is better. But I do not know regarding the spiritual point of view.

Please tell me which one is correct!


The Shadhili ulama of Damascus consider that the toes must not leave the ground. Our Shuyukh, however, do not consider it important.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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