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Sir I want to ask question that about some hadiths the level of acquiring education is 70 times greater then ibadat (prayer).

My question is then what is need of all zikr? We should pray only pray 5 times a day. Last time I got this thought and am very depressed.

My other question is regarding tests. I hav heard some where that there are 7 tests in this world and 7 hereafter. Could you please explain them.

And 3rd I want to ask what is that wird which increase in knowledge. I hope you areunderstanding what sort of .

And 4th is how can we become wali?

Thanks. Hope for reply.


It means dhikr of Allah is the greatest thing, as stated in the Qur’an. The reflection on the creation of Allah is immeasurably better than worshipping without understanding.
There are more than seven tests, as everyday carries its tests, but one’s bad characteristics can be reduced to seven main big flaws. In the hereafter there is the interrogation of the two angels, the rising from the grave, the Bridge, the Pond, the Balance, the Station before Judgment, and the Flying of the records.
Being a wali or a scholar is obtained by being with them and sacrificing everything else.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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