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Met a Dervish

I met a Naqshbandi dervish from Turkey in Madinah Sharif. I think Mawlana knows him. He was speaking to us in Turkish and we were speaking to him in English he understood us and we understood him. Continue reading

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Building over graves

The hadiths say Jews and Christians are cursed for taking the graves as masaajid. A hadith also specifically refers to the Church of Ethiopia … Continue reading

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Prophet’s (s) tomb

Why is the prophet’s tomb the holiest place on earth… Continue reading

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Question to Sayyedi Maluna Sk. Hisham Kabani

I am deeply grieved at the maqams being demolished in libya and rest of the islamic world. Yesterday I was conducting mehfil-e-zikar, during that three shaikh from libya joined spiritually… Continue reading

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