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My parents have been looking for various proposals for me to get married for a few years but have not found any one suitable. Its been a few years now but none suitable or according to our needs/compatibility. Continue reading

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Prayer for Marriage and Strong Imaan

please answer my question, if hasbunallahu wanaimalwakeel means allah is self sufficient and is a better disposer of affairs, then why should we do any dua’s- if what is going to happen is going to happen anyways. i listened to the respected shaykh and use to recite it 300x everyday (with lot of belief in it) for things to get better. but now i feel so hopeless that my salat and my little bit ibaadat has no fruits. ,i dont know why i feel hopeless these days… Continue reading

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Nothing Works

Me and my family are in all sort of problems for the past 40 years. Some say its black magic, others say we must keep faith and always be thankful to Allah, others say the whole family must always be saying Astghfaar… Continue reading

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