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Rafidi attacks against Sahaba

I am very confused regarding hadrat Umar and Abubeker as-Sidique, some extreme Shia’s claim hadrat Fatima was killed by Umar and Abubeker as-Sidique Continue reading

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Clarification about Shaykh Nazim

assalam..i became very interested about your shaykh nazim,as am interested in sufism,but some allegations against him made me doubt,he is claimed to have said: Continue reading

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Disturbing fatwas

Someone told me that it is lawful in Islam and fatwas have been given that people… Continue reading

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Mr Adnan Oktar

I have an important question regarding Mr Adna Oktar who also goes by the name Harun Yayah. He has been freely quoting Sultan Awliya Shaykh Nazim’s support for him but i was completely outraged by Mr Adnan Oktar’s videos Continue reading

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Dream: I became Sayyidina Ali ra at kabah

My dream as if I was Sayyidina Ali (ra), I was in front of the ka’bah and saw a few people spreading the slander that I would attack the ka’bah,.. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: big problems in the family

i really don’t know what to do, there is my uncle’s wife, she is destroying every relationship in the family, she talks with us well, but act different behind our back, Continue reading

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