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Hadith from Naqshbandi.org

It is narrated in Sharhus Sudoor by al-Imam al-Suyuti that Nabi Muhammad (s) said that when you visit the graveyard, you should read Suratul-Ikhlas, Suratut-Takathur… Continue reading

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Ghusl and cultural beliefs

What is the significance of taking a ghusl after visiting a cemetery? I noticed that the Malays encourage this… Continue reading

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On non-muslims visiting Islamic tombs

Is it permissible for a non-Muslim to visit the grave of a Muslim Prophet or a Muslim Saint? Continue reading

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Women at Graveyards

I want to know whether women are allowed to visit mazar of pious muslims and graveyards. What are the standpoints of eminent ulamas on this issue? Continue reading

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