Are the Fatwas, general or case-based?



I’ve read that one has to make up for missed fard prayers. If it’s the case with me then I’d not be-able to perform many/any Sunnah prayers. Daily awrad and regular housewife duties takes up much time. I think I’ve 10 years to make up. I don’t know if I’m to burden my mother with this knowledge who has to make up maybe 24 years (convert) and father maybe 35 years. Please advise-both already don’t have time for awrad-but praying their faraaíd now. Please pray Prophet Muhammad SAW still will intercede for us, amin.
Also, if a woman wants to feel beautiful for herself and self esteem – not necessarily her husband or others, can she pluck her eyebrows?

Lastly- the fatwas that one finds on this site, is it general or are they cased based, i.e. would I need to ask the same question or can I take answers from the others for myself? JazaakaLaahu khayron.

With love


wa `alaykum salam,

1. Make up your missed Fard prayers as much as you can and keep on praying your current fard and Sunnah prayers.
2. It is forbidden for women to remove any part of the hair of their eyebrows to feel beautiful.
3. The fatwas that one finds on this site regarding Islamic Law (fiqh) are general.

Imam Senad Agic
Head Imam (IABNA)
The Islamic Association of Bosniaks in North America
American Islamic Center – Chicago

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