Apostacy in Islam



I have been told that if you commit apostacy in Islam knowing or unknowingly your nikah beomes invalid and you have to renew it again. For example, if you believe Allah is a light, sits on a throne, is everywhere, is in the sky etc you have commited Kufr.

I have been told that the correct belief in Allah is that Allah is not confined by the limits of time and space, is nothing like the creation, exists without a time and a place. Please can you let me know whether this is the correct belief in Allah and whether once has to renew their nikah.

jasakalla hair


wa `alaykum salam,

She should be reminded of the seriousness of what she did, and she should be advised to repent. It is not necessary to renew Nikah in this case.

Imam Senad Agic, Ph.D.
Head Imam (IABNA)
The Islamic Association of Bosniaks in North America

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