Mishaps despite of following Quran & Sunnah


Dear Brother,

Me and my wife try our best to follow Islam. Few days before we left home for another city. We started our journey with reciting Dua Bismillah hi Tawakulto …..” and many other duas. On the whole way my wife was reciting Quran. We stayed for lunch at hotel. When we came outside hotel, we came to know that our car had stolen. Other valueables including all our favorite cloths, jewelry, shoes etc. had also gone away. Now we are confused over this Mishap. Our worries are not only because of our stolen things but it is due to our Firm Belief which has been shaken. We always believed that no one can harm us if we read some certain Dua told us by our Prophet PBUH. Please answer us in detail.


Every sincere dua from a body fed and clothed with halal wealth is answered either immediately or later, either in the verbatim form or in another form.

Answer to a dua is not a button one pushes but a Divine decision. It does not automatically cancel tests, and it is tarkul adab (rude) to take Allah to account by saying, “We are pious and good. Why is this happening to us?” Much worse happened to much better people.

Allah said, “Do people expect that if they say ‘we believe’ they will not be tested?” (29:2)

Make dhikr, give thanks and make istighfar in any case; Allah will compensate your loss and give you more than what you lost.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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