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Dream: Sheikh Hisham Speaking About Huqum

What I recall from my dream is hearing Sheikh Hisham say that one will be tested with huqum that’s in one’s heart. He said we will see the decisions being made. I then covered myself with a blanket. If I could understand the meaning. Continue reading

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A desperate plea

First of all, I would wish to seek few minutes of your precious quality time to go through this e-mail in depth. I know you are a very busy dignitary and will not have time for such lengthy notes, my apologies. I have decided to write this plea after lot of contemplation and out of sheer desperation and nerve wracking compulsion, could never think of appropriateness, hence you may find it bit odd, my apologies again. Continue reading

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Mishaps despite of following Quran & Sunnah

Me and my wife try our best to follow Islam. Few days before we left home for another city. We started our journey with reciting Dua “Bismillah hi Tawakulto …..” and many other duas. On the whole way my wife was reciting Quran. Continue reading

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