What is Qadr – Limited free Will


Everything happens by the permission or Will of Allah.
Allah created the Satan, Satan disobeyed Allah. Allah knew that satan would do this. If Allah would have willed , Satan would not have disobeyed Allah,even if(satan) wanted to. So was this in Allah’s plan to let it happen so
What is this divine-destiny of Allah which people say limited free-will. Allah knows given the limited free-will, what man will do given the situation or a Test he is put to by Allah. Allahs knows the results before hand. He knows past ,present,future and He is in total control.
Only If I study hard for a schoolexam only then will I pass. Allah knows what grades I will get in my exam. So is it destiny that I will study hard for my school exam and pass. And also I made it happen due to my hard work as we-live-in cause-and-effect-world


Wa `alaykum salam,

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