Awrad questions after making baya`


Dear staff

I have some questions concerning the daily dua I must do after my Baya has been accepted.

1. During menstruation do I do it or not ?

2. Since I’m a wife and mother of three children and busy with household work  do I need to read all together or I can read it in different parts ?

3. Do I need a special time to read it?

4. If I miss one day or many days  to read it and for how long should I need to read it ?

5. Do I say Ya Hakim or should I say Ya Hakimu Ya Allahu etc ?

Before taking the baya via internet I was and am doing my salaatul wazu,salaatul najat,salaatul tahajjud,salaatul sukhr before fajr prayer and read lots of dua and I was not tired at all. Now I feel laziness and sleepy and tired to wake up early in the morning and during the day I feel tired and sleepy and sometime feel like I have fever. I’m trying to find a solution and guidance for this to STOP, so if the Shaikh can advise me and help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. I need my prayers and duah to be a complete person.

We are having a problem of drought in Mauritius and rain is not falling and I’m anxious what will happen during the coming months. Any special dua the Sheikh can give me to read please. May ALLAH TAALA send blessing on our Beloved Prophet (S A W ) and to all Sheikhs  and all of you who are helping and giving good advice to all people around the world.



For these questions see:
4) Shaykh Hisham instructed “If you miss (your daily awrad) do 100 salawat on the Prophet (s) the next day to substitute for all the awrad you missed”.

5) Either way is alright.

The laziness is due to Shaytan, because once you take the hand of a Shaykh, Shaytan is doing his best to prevent you from following the Shaykh’s teachings and guidance. I advise myself first and then you, if you can  sleep early, it makes doing the night vigil and the awrad much easier and you will not be tired.

Taher Siddiqui

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