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Help in Malaysia

I am a student of Syk.Nazim,living in Malaysia.As far as Im concern,there is no class for us here,the students in Kuala Lumpur,to study Tasawwuf,and any other kitabs.We only have dhikr gatherings… Continue reading

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The Rights Of Muslim Women

I’m doing aalima course and I have been told to do a research about “The rights of Muslim women and hijab” I would like you to give me information about this… Continue reading

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Marriage with little income

I am writing to ask: if a man works part-time in a skill he has had for 7 years and still studying at University to finish his major but really knows how important marriage is for his soul and deen… Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Studying and exams

Please do dua for me that I pass my exams please I failed last year my mother and father are very worried also I am not being able to focus and concentrate on studying my mind keeps keeps getting distracted Continue reading

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