Dream: 3 Maulanas spinning eyes


I am in a gathering and there are 3 maulana’s sitting at the front. Suddenly they look at me and their eyes turn to black and white and their eyes start to spin in a circle. I am frightened by this and i get up and call for people to go to Shaykh Nazim with my right hand raised.


These “mawlanas” are reflections of Shah Bahuddin Naqshband. As Shaykh Hisham has explained in his suhbat The Specialties of Shah Bahauddin Naqshand:

Sayyidina Shah Naqshband (q), Allah gave him many characteristics. And one we explained yesterday and another is that Allah gave him two eyes that one cannot distinguish the white from the black – one is always overtaking the other. You can see the white over the pupil and the pupil over the white and he has big eyes and so people cannot dare to look at his eyes; they get afraid because there is a majestic power in his eyes. As Grandshaykh (q) explained it was like a tahoon, a grinder, they turn like that and they are as big like that, symbolically we say, “they are big eyes.” And people cannot look into his eyes because of that manifestation of that heavenly power that comes to him from two oceans, the ocean of rahmat – Divine Mercy and the ocean of qudrah- Divine Power, these two oceans were always manifesting these two Beautiful Names and Attributes on him and they are appearing in his eyes. And because Allah gave him that power he is trying not to waste it and trying not to spend it, because in every moment these manifestations are descending from heavens on him and to keep his eyes safe, from looking at something haram, he was trying to, as when you look and see something that you are not allowed to look at what do you do? You turn your face or you look down. Or when a bad thought comes to the mind, of anything you are thinking, you close your eyes and then open your eyes and say “istaghfirullah,” as focus comes first from the eyes. So you try not to focus, as Sayyidina Shah Naqshband (q) likes to keep his focus not on dunya things, he wants to keep it more on heavenly things.

So some people when they pray they want to chase away these bad thoughts that come, so they close their eyes, and that is the only reason it is accepted in Shari`ah to close the eyes in prayer, as it is not accepted to pray with your eyes closed – you must keep the eyes open.

Some people when they pray they might look at you or they look back and left by moving their eyes, not their head. And sometimes you focus on many thoughts bad thoughts that come and you forget the number of raka`ats you prayed.

And Shah Naqshband (q) didn’t want to lose that focus so in order to do that he was keeping the white moving over the black and the black moving over the white. And anyone looking into his eyes will be struck by lightning as he doesn’t want to use the energy to look at people.

Calling people to go to Shaykh Nazim, means seeking that station through the inheritor of Shah Naqshband in this time, Sultan al-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani.

W ‘Allahu `alam,

Taher Siddiqui

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