Dream: Barefoot Mawlana


Salam and May Allah bless you all. It would be blessing if the following dreams could be interpreted.

1. A brother was singing for Maulana and murids, Maulana sang with him lailahaillallah loudly. Afterwards Maulana made dua in some drinking water and said it was for barakah. He tried to give to the brother, but he had already gone. I took and tried to find him. My sister then said Maulana was calling me. I went out and MSN and MSH were barefoot outside. MSN gave my mother, me and sister some sweets. I tried to kiss his hand but he gave the sweet to me palm up so I kissed his fingers instead. They then walked away in the distance.

2. We were outside Maulana’s house with sisters. we walked in and kissed Maulana’s hand. He then told us to sing the caravan qasida and we did hadra.


audhu billah mina ‘sh-shaytani ‘r-rajeem,

Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem,

wa `alaykum salam,

1.This is a blessed dream in which your soul is in that holy gathering.  It shows how you are willing to serve these awliya that results in sweet knowledge and spiritual nearness to the Shuyukh.

2. It is about love and presence with the Shaykh and keeping hudoor with him.

Wa’Allahu a`lam.

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