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About zana before marrige

I want to ask you that if a man and women do zana before marriage with a intention to get married with each other and after a loge period of time they practise this act… Continue reading

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No Control

Astagfirullah, I had to fast these last days of Shawal and for doing stupid things that I should not do, I lost the fast. I can not stay, I’m doing the practices well, practical strong, but I can not control some instincts. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Please Pray for my forgiveness

I’m feeling depressed because of these minor sins I keep doing, and I’ve prayed for forgiveness from Allah(SWT)… Continue reading

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Cleansing from Haram

In the past I have made a lot of mistakes and commit a lot of major sins. One of it is making Haram income which involves alcohol, drugs and other things. Sometimes I steal and gamble… Continue reading

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I have done a lot of sins, minor only.. But i repent then i sin again what should i do. My life is getting destroyed because of my sins… Continue reading

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Sexual desires

I am a 23 year old single man living in NYC. I work in the city during the night time. I have been fighting this battle against sexual desires for over years. Continue reading

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