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No Control

Astagfirullah, I had to fast these last days of Shawal and for doing stupid things that I should not do, I lost the fast. I can not stay, I’m doing the practices well, practical strong, but I can not control some instincts. Continue reading

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How to calm down arousal

If a woman is suddenly aroused, such as through breast tenderness and sensitivity from hormonal… Continue reading

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AOA, I feel as if everything I want to do never works out the way I want it to. For example, when I go to a job interview I’ll get the perfect job, however I’ll find out later that there have been changes made and I didn’t get what I wanted. Continue reading

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Looking At the Eyes of Women

Shaykh as you know I am in Highschool in Canada. And there are girls in our school. And when they talk to you is it bad to look at them in there eyes? Continue reading

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The Purpose of the Jinn that Accompany Us

The jinn that is placed in our company, what function does it serve? Can it harm us… Continue reading

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