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Pulling plug on pregnant woman

My sister the one who is in the hospital is pregnant and she is on ecmo life support 100% Continue reading

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Covid-19 Vaccine

They are offering the Covid-19 Vaccines to my age group. Continue reading

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Husband lost his job

My husband lost his job , please guide me for abundant halal rizq for our family in this crisis. Continue reading

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Evil Jinn army attacking

I saw in a dream that billions of evil jinns had emerged from dark forests and arrived to the perimeter of what looked like Mawlana Shaykh Hisham’s farm in Fenton. Continue reading

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Pandemic adhan

In Pakistan they are calling out Adhans at night in this time of difficulties Continue reading

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dream after Rajab prayers

I had a dream after my rajab prayers and qiyam al layl someone told me recite 18:58 of Surah Kahf Continue reading

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