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Dream by Tahir Siddiqui

There was a post titled Dream; kun faykun posted on 31st oct 2011 by Tahir Siddiqui. it spoke at length about the concept of Allah giving the powers to an individual to say “Be” and it will be… kun faya kun. it was mentioned in the post that its reference can be found in the hadith quds… Continue reading

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Prayer Request: To become Rabbani

Please pray for this weak follower that Allah Swt accepts me as a servent and that I bcome rabbani and a friend of Allah swt and stronger on the path Continue reading

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Is Habib Ali Jifri the awaited Imam Al Mahdi?

Q: Recently there is a big discussion going on in one of the threads started there, that Shayk Habib Ali Jiffri suits the criteria for being the awaited Mahdi and many people on that forum has had dreams of Shayk Habib Ali Jiffri being the awaited Mahdi. Continue reading

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Turkish: Nasıl Rabbani Olunur?

Q: Musluman Rabbani olmak için tarikat almış sufiler ne yapmalıdır? (What do we need to do to become a Rabbani?) Continue reading

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