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Rinsing the mouth in Ramadan

I’d like to know whether it is allowed not to rinse the mouth in wudu during Ramadan to avoid occasional swallowing of its remains. Continue reading

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After passing wind is it required to do istinja or just wudu in order to pray?
Continue reading

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Washing beard wudu

It is obligatory to wash the outer part of a thick beard, within the limits of the face. (hanafi fiqh)
What is the way to wash beard of bottom of chin if you have thick hanging beard and want to fulfil just the obligation because washing whole beard means no issue. Continue reading

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Dream: Wudu with Maulana

I had a dream where its a Friday. Maulana looks at an envelope and picks it up and asks, “Whose is this?” i say “It is mine shaykh.” On it is the Bismillah, underneath Fatiha sharif is written. Maulana asks “Who gave this?” I reply “Hajji Anna.” Continue reading

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Is tayamun allowed?

I live in a city where there is only one mosque. So, I try, as much as is possible, to pray on the right time when I’m outside home, far away from the mosque. Sometimes I find myself in places… Continue reading

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Raising a Pure Baby on Fitra

Can you tell me and my wife how we can keep our child in that same state of purity she has at birth? Continue reading

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Wasting Water

‘Repetition of wuzu refreshes imaan. And many other benefits. And the more wuzu done the better.’ Now I do wuzu with every namaz and some times when it’s been a while… Continue reading

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Do women require ghusal after a mammogram?

Do women require a full ghusal after a mammogram or a heart sonogram where a breast may be exposed and touched… Continue reading

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Use of Skincare Products

I’m in need of some advice regarding skincare products used on face and body and whether it affects wudu/ghusl. .. I get waswaas that the wudu is not valid after I’ve applied skincare with ingredients like Alcohol, Urea and other chemicals in them. Continue reading

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Shart ul wudu

I heard that Imam Shafii (R) said that if you have impurities inside your nails, you should clean it as it… Continue reading

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