Breathing and meditating on the sensations within, doing dhikr with breath and the feelings within.


Whenever I breathe I can change the intention behind it to make it for Allah’s sake, and I can make it have meaning, the actual feeling of my center area changes and I can feel it flowing through my body. But is meditating on breathe imitating Buddhists?




If your intention in breathing is to get nearer to Allah and His Messenger, it is accepted. Everything is making Glorification and Praise of Allah including of course our breathing:

Wa in min shay’in illa yusabbihoo bihamdihi wa laakin laa tafqahoona tasbeehahum.
There is not a thing but celebrates His Praises, and yet you don’t understand how they declare His Glory! (Surat al-’Israa, 17:44)

Religions such as Buddhism put a lot of emphasis on meditation and this reminds us to look into the Islamic traditions that teach us of meditation of which there is a vast a wealth.

Wallahu Alam

Kamau Ayubbi

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