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Help my marriage

My marriage got canceled with the person whom I’ve loved for more than an year. Both parents met and agreed to the wedding, after 2 weeks his parents canceled the proposal because I am 3 years older than him. Continue reading

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Age, new Baya`

I wonder if i am too young for tariqah, i’m 16 years old and i recently gave online ba’ya to Maulana Nazim Haqqani. Continue reading

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Breastfeeding while pregnant

I would like to ask if it is ok to continue breastfeeding a baby if you find out you are pregnant… Continue reading

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Sayyduna Abuk Bakr’s age

Shaykh Hisham said on the 6th of April 2011 at Dhuhur time in his lecture in Lefke that Saydunna Abu Bakr is older than prophet s.a.w… Continue reading

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Not allowed yet to take bai’ah

3 days ago I was asking to my father to take bai’at. But my father not allowed me yet to take bai’ah… Continue reading

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Clarification about Imam Mahdi

Q: I have a salafi associate at work who bothers me about Sufism and I have little knowledge. Can you please help me. Recently, he has been attacking the Haqqani belief regarding sayyidina Mahdi as. He says that in the authentic narrations of the Prophet salalahualaih wasalam, it is mentioned that Mahdi will be 40 years old when he comes and he says Shaykh Mawlana has said he is born in 1930 and it is over 80 years. Continue reading

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